Monday, September 30, 2013

AvaGirl Baroque Lady


Now usually AvaGirl makes casual wear, but every so often she puts out formal wear. This dress is for sure formal wear. It is called Baroque Lady. It is a long floor flowing skirt matched up with a matching jacket. It has a tan paisley print corset that makes this whole outfit worth wearing to every formal event. AvaGirl sells a set of earrings and a choker set that matches in equal beauty to the dress that's called, Baroque Choker & Earrings.

Outfit: AvaGirl - Baroque Lady
Shape: >>Zyra<< Katia Shape
Skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Penelope:: Autumn
Hair: A&A Ludvika Hair Darkbrown
Eyes: :PP Daydream Eyes II - Serendipity
Jewelery: AvaGirl - Baroque Choker & Earrings