Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Pumpkin Town Day 8


Day 8 of Pumpkin Town I decided to take a break and try my hand at games. I wanted to win a creepy doll, but instead I wore an awesome shirt.

This shirt is another amazing design from The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. This shirt is rigged for multiple mesh bodies and is a hunt item for I Heart The Cart event that runs until October 31st, 2020. I love the vivid colors and the brightness of the orange, I am ready to win this doll or look awesome trying.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Pumpkin Town Day 7


Day 7 of my Pumpkin Town expedition had a hiccup when I got sick, but we are back on the move. As ya'll know Pumpkin Town closes October 31st, 2020. So while I eat my cupcake from the spooky bakery let me tell you about my shirt.

My shirt is another Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. shirt. This time I am showing ya'll the 2020 Hell shirt. This shirt comes rigged for so many bodies and has a HUD with 3 different texture options. You can find this shirt and many more at the Mad Circus Event that runs until October 31st, 2020. 

Dance of Mystery

Sometimes even the ghosts need to dance.
!!Firelight!! made this amazing elegant mask. It is called Elegant Mask and comes with a color HUD that gives you multiple color choices. This mask was included with the Cassiopeia hair that comes rigged and unrigged. These are both apart of Scare Me Silly 2020. Scare Me Silly is an event that helps raise money for Team Diabetes of Second Life (more information please click). It is an amazing event that hosts so many different stores each raising awareness for diabetes treatments.   

Poet's Heart made the amazing gown I am wearing. It is the Rosaura Gown. It comes rigged for Maitreya and Slink Hourglass. I love that this dress has 2 different versions and has a sheer cover for the overskirt. This skirt was featured at Rock Your Rack that ended on October 18th, 2020 while I was sick, but I am sure you can find this dress at Poet's Heart though so keep checking for it.

The ghosts in my background are by Fun T-Shirts and are Ghost Companions. These ghosts attach to your body's center and float beside you. They come with a face HUD to change the ghost's face and you can make copies of them to wear multiple like me. You can find these ghosts at Scare Me Silly Event that runs until October 23rd, 2020.

My pose is from {Nantra}. It is the Firefly for Shedwick pose. It includes a ghost you can attach to yourself with a pose. As an added bonus you get fireflies that fly around you.

Haunted House

Raindale has provided so many items for this haunted house. Some of the items you have seen in other posts but lets get to what Raindale has provided.

Stillmore Gacha Set (includes 11 commons and 1 rare house)
bats (décor) 2LI each
cat (with lights) 2LI each
ghosts (décor) 1LI each
gate (scripted) 7LI
spiderweb (décor) 2LI each

Nevermire Gacha Set (includes 11common and 1 rare house)
stacks of cauldrons 1LI
book of spells 1LI
broomsticks (décor) 1LI each
gravestones 2LI each
potions 1LI each
cauldron 3LI

At the Trick or Treat Lane you can find both the Trick or Treat gravestone and the exclusive Scarecrow. The scarecrow you can click it off and on. The event runs until November 1st, 2020.
Trick or Treat gift 2020 1LI
Dustville scarecrow 3LI

Nightmoors set includes a lantern with a mirror version plus animated sparkles. These lanterns come with 5 different color choices to choose from.
lantern 3LI
sparkles 1LI

The manor I am using is the Alderley Manor and it comes with option for lighting and sign out front. There are 10 textures for exterior and 10 for interior walls, 5 textures for the roof, 5 shades for windows glass and entry glass, 5 colors for parquet and stairs. You can change glass transparency. You can hide the iron lace around the roof and logo frame above the entry (it's supposed to be used with your own 3D or 2D logo, but there is also mesh welcome sign included)
Alderley manor 107LI
Alderley welcome sign 3LI

The flowers come in 3 different color choices and have an eyeball in the center.
Demonroot flowers 3LI each

Valenbert set is a collection of pumpkins (with and without vases), land impact 1-2 in default size. Texture change HUD with 5 options for pumpkins and 5 options for vases!
Valenbert vase with pumpkin 2LI

Bright October Gacha (includes 7 common items)
pumpkin candles 1LI each
pumpkin stack plus candles 3LI
pumpkin dot lights 1LI each
pumpkin string lights 1LI
apple candles 1LI
frames 1LI each

The broom rack gives you the option to rezz a broom to ride or sweep. One of the racks I did recolor, but the original is pink in color.
WitchySpring brooms rack 3LI
The clock comes in 2 different colors, black and brown. You also get the option for a scripted clock or non-scripted. Scripted you can set to your time zone so you always know the time.
Spiritvalley clock 4LI each

Sparrownest Set was at the Wizard Faire 2020 but can now be found at the main store. This set features 4 types of cushions, suitcase, stack of books, cauldron, potions, scrolls, pen and ink, sparkles, and more.
Each items is 1LI to 2LI each.

The bookcases come in both full and empty versions. It is exclusive to the We Love Roleplay event that runs until 
Elderbrook bookcase full 10LI
Elderbrook bookcase empty 5LI

The tapestry comes with 2 different versions a HUD and a click menu version. Both options have 10 colors and versions with signs/mystic symbols.
Soulton tapestry 7LI

Darkmore set comes with daybed, 3 types of lamps (light on/off on touch), coffee table and décor (candles, tarot cards, books and spirit board) You can customize daybed, cushions and leather elements of the table via HUD with 5 colors to choose from.
daybed 11LI (20 solo and 8 couples animations)
lamps 1LI each
coffee table 1LI
décor 1LI each

The bathtub comes in PG and Adult versions with multiple poses and 2 different color options. The bath pipes can be unlinked and moved to set up how you need. The candles as you can tell comes in 3 different candle and metal colors along with 2 different heights.
Witching Hour bathrub 6LI
Witching Hour candles 1LI each
UnKindness provided my whole living room set and bathroom wall décor which consisted of the following items.

Cherished Living
Living Room Art (6 different ones) 1LI each
Living Chair (comes in black, red and white also PG and Adult versions with multiple poses in each) 3LI each
Living Coffee Table (comes in black and white) 1LI each
Living Corner Table (comes in black and white) 1LI each
 Living Sofa (comes in black/red, red/white, and white/black combos and also has PG and Adult versions) 6LI each
Living Table Lamp (comes in black, red, and white) 2LI each

Voodoo Console Set
Arch Table (comes in black and white) 1LI each
Lamp (comes in black, black/gold, gold/white, and white) 2LI each
Mirror (comes in black and white) 1LI each
Pumpkin Platter (comes in black, gold and white) 3LI each 

My pentagram table is apart of the Deathly Bedroom Set that I posted about a few weeks ago. This is the Deathly Pentagram Table and I used each color pink, black, and purple since they are only 2LI each.

-Yobasha- I have blogged a few times long ago but I still am in love with the rug. 
Vintage Rug 2LI

Little Branch I used the wildgrass in gree around the gravestones.
WildGrass {Green} 1LI

MOoH! has an amazing gacha that is apart of Gacha Life that runs until October 31st, 2020. This gacha 14 commons and 2 rares. 
Don't Disturb the Cat Gacha 1-7LI

{Dixie Dandelion} made the awesome bear and plants for the Monster Mash Hunt that goes on until October 31st, 2020. This is a free hunt that takes you across all sorts of amazing stores.
 Dead Ted and Bear Eating Plant 9LI

Medieval Fantasy finished off the rest of the décor in my haunted house. With so many amazing Halloween items I really couldn't choose just 1 of anything. If ya'll haven't seen yet there is an amazing Halloween setup at the store and for Winter there is a haunted winter theme too.
Draped mansion statue 2LI
Spider cobweb 1LI each
Victorian fireplace burnt and dusty 7LI
Halloween creepy burnt pumpkin Jack'O'Lantern 1LI each

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Pumpkin Town Day 6


Day 6 of my trip through Pumpkin Town. I couldn't wait to sit down but than I heard a strange noise. I don't think I'll figure out the noise before Pumpkin Town closes it's doors on October 31st, 2020.

My shirt on this day is another The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. shirt. This shirt is called Halloween 2020 and comes in just the one texture. This shirt is rigged for multiple mesh bodies and is so comfortable.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pumpkin Town Day 5


Day 5 of my trip through Pumpkin Town 2020, before it closes on October 31st, 2020, I managed to to find myself in a potion shop. I managed to pick up a few potions for my house.

My shirt is another Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. shirt. When I say these shirts are amazing I truly mean it. This shirt is called Clowning Around and is an exclusive for The Mad Circus Event that runs from October 10th, 2020 until October 31st, 2020. This shirt has a HUD with 3 different creepy clown textures and is rigged for multiple mesh bodies.

Pumpkin Town Day 4


Day 4 of my visit to Pumpkin Town 2020 I decided it was time for a bit of ghost hunting, but I got distracted on a coin operated broom ride. Remember Pumpkin Town closes October 31st, 2020 and with so much fun and amazing shops you don't wanna miss it.

My shirt is from Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. and is the Ghost Hunting shirt and is rigged for multiple mesh bodies. You can find this shirt and a few others at the Infinity Event that ends October 15th, 2020.