Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tied Together

My corset piecing on my legs and back are compliments of Diamante. They are called, Tie Me Up Corset and are rigged for multiple bodes. I love the color HUD they come with so you can customize the laces and the metal to your liking. Oh you can also wear them separate too.

My shorts are from{zfg}. They are apart of the Gym Class Special Edition set and remind me of My Little Pony. They are booty shorts and come rigged for so many body types including Maitreya which I am wearing. They come with a color HUD as well so you can change the stripes to a different color scheme. It also comes with a sports bra style top that I am not wearing.

My tattoo is on my What Is She Wearing page which can be found here along with everything else about me.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Spell Ready

The items in this post that are apart of Boardwalk Event that runs until September 15, 2019 are the following: 

Pipes Chandelier - 1LI

Holodeck - The Dorm - Chair - 2LI

The other items are as following:

Paper Magic / Paper Halo - 6LI

Tome Closed - can be worn or rezzed - 8LI
Cultist Knife - can be worn or rezzed - 14LI
Magic Circle - 1LI
The tome comes with a closed and an open version that has a color HUD. The knife comes sheathed and unsheathed while being worn on the leg.

Sphynxie - Yakuza, Natural, Tuxedo, Meezer, and Russian - can be worn or rezzed - 27LI
When worn you can rename, play gestures, use Sphyxie to speak in local, and is totally animesh.

Tall Candle Bunch - Full perm - 1LI

* LI = Prim Count *

Green Living

So the items in this set are at Boardwalk, which ends June 15th, 2019, and are the following items:

Tropical Rug Large - 1LI
Tropical Print 1, 2, 3 - 2LI each
Floating Table 2 and 3 - 2LI each
Wooden Beam Lights Single - 3LI
Wooden Beam Lights  Trio - 9LI

Olear Chaise - 3LI
Max Side Table - 2LI

Kymani Elephant Ear Plant - 2LI
Kymani Hanging Lamps - 2LI
Kymani Side Table - 1LI

Alpine Couch - 9LI

Birdy Set - Jar 1 and 2 - 1LI each
Birdy Set - Bowl - 1LI

Full Perm Mesh Cat - Sleeping 1 1 - 3LI
Full Perm Mesh Cat - Cleaning 1 - 2LI

* LI = prim count *

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Pet Life

My pose is from Something New. It is a prop and pose set that is all about cats and dogs and living with animals. The pose is called, A Night In. Now it is mod to an advance modifier so if you are a beginner it is not suggested to mod it. Everything you see in the prop minus me is there and has only the one pose for trying to get the kitty.
Something New

My nails are from N.Kolour and are apart of the Raspberry Elegance collection. These nails come with a Maitreya, Omega, and Vista appliers and has 5 different textures along with toes so you can mix and match them.

My collar is from Diamante and is a new release in the store called Orion. It is a RLV and an unscripted collar with a color HUD for sooo many color options. You can hide the words or change the color on them too. This collar comes in 18 different styles so you can own 1 or all....I prefer all because I love mixing up my collars hehe

My lipstick is from Cazimi and is apart of the Glitter Bomb set. I love glitter so it has been my all time fav. This set comes with 10 different glittery colors plus nail polish that matches. The lipstick has appliers for Omega, Lelutka, Catwa, and system. The nails are made for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Skater Girl

My overall shorts are from Blueberry. They are the, Ivy and rigged for multiple mesh bodies. They do come with a HUD to change the metals on the overalls.

My shirt is an applier I found on Marketplace for a white tank top.

My nails are from N.Kolour. These are the Galaxy nails that have appliers for Maitreya, Vista, and Omega. These nails do come with 5 different colors and on the Maitreya you can change the toes and hands to not match.

My piercings are from Diamante and are rigged for Catwa head, but if you are like me there is an unrigged version to move into place. I love the color HUD it comes with as you can make them different colors and combinations. The piercings are exclusive to The Underdog Event that runs until the end of July 2019. After that they will be in the store.

My hair is from #Foxy and is called, Milena. It is a double braided pig tails with a baseball cap. It has a style hud to move the braids as well as an accessory HUD to change the bands and caps texture. It also has a version that works with a hoodie that is up.

My skater poses are from, Le Poppycock and are gacha items from the set Love Peace Skate. It has over 20 different poses and 1 rare plus skateboards props in each pose that has 12 different texture options.
Le Poppycock

My shoes are from Reign and are the Arianna sneakers. They come rigged for multiple mesh feet all flats with 3 different versions of the shoes to fit your need. It also comes with a color HUD to change the shoelaces or shoe texture if you bought the fatpack.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hillbilly Shacking

In this picture you will find the following items:

Animesh mice from Culprit that come with a HUD so you may stop the movement if need. The 1 room with huge porch shack is also from Culprit and is called Old Shack. This shack comes in original and white.

The crate and pillows are from Refuge and are apart of the Emme set. It features 3 different color crates, a table, and candles that look like lotis'.

My lanterns are from Mooh's Garden Lantern Gacha where you can collect 14 common and 2 rares.

The grass is from Little Branches grass fatpack.
Little Branch

The table with all but the glass light, from Mooh, is from [noctis]. It is apart of a set called Aunt Bessie's Couch Set.

My cobwebs are from Medieval Fantasy and is apart of a fat pack that is full perm.
Medieval Fantasy

The outhouse is from Free Bird and is apart of a gacha called Rustic Barnyard Outhouse.
Free Bird

The rug was featured in another blog post I did in October for a haunted kitchen. While the rocking chairs are from [AD] and is apart of the Bohemia set.

Lastly the skeletons are all full perm and are from Get Stuff.
Get Stuff

Monday, July 01, 2019

Profile Status

My gloves are from Diamante, called Aria. These gloves are rigged for multiple mesh bodies and comes with a color HUD with a few color choices. As you can see it is material enabled as well so they are shiny.

My nails and lips are from Cazimi. These are a matching set called Dreamy. I love that it is a matte style lipstick and a slight shine on the nails. Both the nails and lipstick come with 8 different colors to choose and has appliers for multiple bodies. This set is at Designer Circle which ends July 6th, 2019. After the event it will be in the store as well.
Cazimi and Designer Circle

My glasses are another Diamante creation which you can read about in this post here.

My head is from Genus and is the Baby head.

My pose on the top is from Image Essentials and is apart of the 5 bento poses with mirrors called, Come Hither.
Image Essentials

My shape is custom made from scratch.

My hair is from no.match and is a Summer version of No_Surprise. It comes with a HUD to change the texture of the bandana.