Sunday, January 19, 2020


After Midnight Fashion made this sweater that fits me completely. It is an off the shoulder with it wrapped a bit in the back. It is called Social Awkward and is exclusive at The Darkness Event which runs until January 28, 2020. This sweater comes rigged for a few different bodies and has a HUD to change the texture.
::AMF:: and The Darkness Event

ZFG made this amazing skirt. It is the Honor skirt but in the exclusive color of Horror. It is exclusive to Sin City 3 Hunt which runs from January 25th, 2020 until February 25th, 2020.

FOXCITY. did my lighting on my skin. I used the SkinFX I pack and pulled out Envy (For Dark WLs). Which in turn I used a midnight WL to achieve the lighting effect.

My hair is from No.Match and is the No.Cloud.

.:Joplino:. made this amazing backdrop called 24/7 Teal. It is only 44LI and is resizable. What I love about this backdrop is you can add so much to it and make it your own creation or leave it as is and it will be just as amazing.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Stages of a Breakup

Now I am wearing two different shirts in these pictures. My first shirt is from MOoH! and is the Lore Sweater in Fall. This sweater comes with a color HUD that has 25 different darker color choices. This sweater also comes rigged for multiple mesh bodies and werewolf. If you are a VIP group member this shirt is 50% off until January 23rd, 2019. That makes this shirt only 99L.

My second shirt is from ZFG and is a belly showing sweater. This sweater is called Anthem and has a texture HUD to change the saying on the front and has 8 different color choices. Along with the textures it also comes rigged in 10 different mesh bodies.

N.Kolour did these nails. I love them because they come with appliers for Maitreya, SLink, Omega and Vista. Oh and these names come with 5 different textures to mix and match (if your hands allow). I almost forgot their name is Gooseberry.

MOoH! also made my pants. These are tight jeans called Sammy Pants and are in the light spectrum. Now there is also a darker version that I may show later. Both these pants come with a color HUD that has 8 different color choices, but on top of that you can mix and match the pocket colors and the metals. I love making my clothes multi colored hehe These pants are also rigged for 5 different mesh bodies and also comes with an alpha incase you upgraded to baked on mesh and need it.

[ZENTRO] made my tattoo so many moons ago. I think I've showcased this tattoo when I first started blogging before mesh was out. This is the Stay True Tattoo and sadly is no longer available, but [ZENTRO] does offer amazing tattoos on MP that are perfect for baked on mesh bodies or system bodies.
-FABIA- did this hair as a gift and is called Lilak. It is a fatpack of the hair so you don't need to buy more colors.

FoxCity did this amazing lighting I am using. It is apart of the SkinFX 1 set and is the Antisocial (For Dark WLs).

Something New made this amazing scene. It comes with 4 poses including the 3 I am showing ya'll. This prop box is called, Her Secondlife. It is all mesh and includes the puppy.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Conjuring A Spell

My dress is from )O( Charmed )O( and is the Eternite dress. This dress comes rigged for multiple mesh bodies and what is amazing is the animated glitter. That means you turn and it sparkles hehe This dress is exclusive at the Dubai Event that runs until January 15th, 2020. At the event there are single colors, fatpack colors with 36 colors plus an exclusive HUD. You can also get the mini pack colors which there are 4 to choose with 3 colors each and the amazing megapack colors which includes all 36 colors plus all minipacks and the exclusive HUD for a low price.

Neverwish made these amazing earrings. They are the Lit Pentagram. I am showing these earrings in black, but they come in silver and gold also. The pair has a color HUD to change each light to a different color or all the same. 

My fire nails are from N.Kolour and amazingly the are called, Element - Fire. These nails come with 5 different textures to mix and match (if your nails allow) and has appliers for Maitreya, SLink, Omega and Vista.

Wasabi made my amazing hair. It is the Trixie mesh hair.

My scene I am not sure what it is all as I did not make this scene. I do apologize, but that is what happens when friends make you a great scene hehe

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Beach Life

After Midnight Fashion made my sexy suit with harness. This suit is Pure Sin and comes rigged for a few mesh bodies. I love the HUD that comes with it to customize your top how you please. It is exclusive at the XXX Event which runs from January 13th  to February 3rd, 2019

)O( Charmed )O( made this amazing shape. It is the Erika Shape and is made for multiple mesh bodies. That means the shape can be worn with your favorite body and will look the same. Now this shape is exclusive for the Genus Baby bento head so do keep that in mind when you buy.

My tattoo is a custom tattoo that since upgrading to baked on mesh I can wear.
Izzie's made my cellulite and stretch marks on my legs. They come with appliers and baked on mesh.
-KC- Audie is my amazing shoes.
/Wasabi/ did my mesh hair. This is the Aida Mesh Hair in Black coffee and uses system layer for a hair base.

Swallow made this amazing skin a long time ago. It is the Jahaira in Peach for black hair.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Basic Christmas

The following items are from The Fashion Loft Event runs from December 7th, 2019 until December 31st, 2019.

Sassy Brats brings you Visions of Sugar Plums picture as a part of the TFL Hunt. This picture is no copy but is modifiable and transferable. It is only1 LI too.

My snowman is an outdoor snowman but I can't help but bring winter inside. It is from Strawberry Gashes and it is only 6LI. It is called Snowman Yard Décor.

My cardinal bag is from BamPu Legacies and is only 4 LI. This bag is copiable but is not modifiable or transferable. 

My bell is from Fashion Loft and is the 2019 Christmas Bell. It is apart of the hunt and I love that when you click the bell plays Let It Snow. The bell is 3 LI.

My table is also from Fashion Loft and is a holiday table that is fitting for candles, cookies, or anything your heart desires. This table is a multi-textured Christmas table with 6 different patterns by just clicking it. This table is only 4 LI.

The bunny is actually a package opener from Chubby Bunny. I loved it so much I used it as a décor piece. Chubby Bunny has earrings and rain boots at the event so you don't want to miss those.

Winter Escape

The following items (marked with *) are from The Fashion Loft Event runs from December 7th, 2019 until December 31st, 2019.
*My dress is from Strawberry Gashes and is the Enchanted Dress. This dress comes in only Maitreya size and is a blue and black.

*My jewelry is from Beloved Jewelry and is the Zabelii set. It comes with 4 items *not shown is a choker* which are all texture changing by a HUD or clicking.
Arm Bracelet

*My nails are from J!nx and are the Blue Christmas Nails. They come with 3 different appliers SLink, Maitreya, and Omega.

My hair is a gift from the wonderful Sintiklia. This is the Amelia hair that you can get until January 6th at Shop & Hop Event put on by Linden Labs.

Now I have picked up yet another store. I love this store because it has amazing back props and poses. I can not stress how amazing this creator is. Now the creator has a wonderful saying for the store "Capture your fantasy" So without farther ado I present to ya'll Joplino.
Winter Park is a mesh non-MOD scene that features a winter garden scene with a fountain and benches. On the fountain is a small fairy to watch over you. All this is an amazing 25 LI. This backdrop is exclusive to Suicide Dollz that ends on January 3rd, 2019 and than it'll be in the store.

Sunday, December 22, 2019



So I am at it again. I got another sponsor. This time this one is an amazing accessory and clothing store called {Quinnty's}. This store has so much quirkiness I couldn't resist showcasing off. There is a 50L group fee (as of this post) that gets ya'll so much amazing items. Group gifts are mostly for female only, and are only available through the group and will never be for sale.
Sometimes the creator makes an extra gift and will put it in her main store or send it in a group notice. As she says to why; "just because it's fun". Every item has so many color combination choices and so many textures, I for sure won't wear the same look twice for awhile.
Now my glasss and sweater are both {Quinnty's}. My glasses are the Merel Glasses and they are unrigged (that means you can adjust to your head size). The megapack come with a HUD that has 25 frame, ear pieces and 24 lense choices. You can mix and match to your hearts love. Oh I almost forgot it also includes 10 extra colors as well. So many options and combinations.
The sweater is the Stacey Sweater. It comes rigged for 10 different mesh bodies but also has standard sizing for those that still like their normal avatar. This sweater comes with 10 different writings to choose from and 15 color choices. The HUD is included in the low cost price.

The Fashion Loft Event runs from December 7th, 2019 until December 31st, 2019.
My hair is from !!Firelight!! and is the Rosie hair in rainbow. I love the rainbow HUD because the colors all match to look like highlights.
My shoes are from Heels and are the Christmas Booties 2019. These booties are rigged for Maitreya only and only comes in the red and gold.
My nails are from .::LUNA::. Body Art and are the Let's Decorate nails. These nails come in with appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, SLink, and Vista. Each applier HUD has 5 different festive designs.

My jeans are from Blueberry and are the Jolene Jeans.


I used Neverwish's amazing Mint Backpack in light pink and black and Ornament Backpack in purple to help decorate my bleachers. Each backpack is unrigged and semi-mod so you can adjust to fit your avatar. The backpacks also come in so many color choices I can not list them all but each are more amazing than any backpacks I have seen.
The North Star that is behind my bleachers is part of the Carol hunt item from Neverwish. To get the hint head to the main store and click the hint giver. Happy hunting!
Ionic made a gacha with Wooden Bleachers [B] in them. I love these bleachers because when you click them you can pick a different color choice.