Monday, November 11, 2019

You Are Enough

Ya'll I am trying to make it my mission to not flood ya'll with a bunch of words or about my real life, but todays post is different. I am a survivor of depression and low-self esteem. Most people will say they are linked, but they truly are not linked at all and both are an everyday struggle. I will not say I am battling them as I am surviving each attempt they have against me. I am not going to elaborate on how they are different either or this post will never end. With that being said, I also know how it feels when your brain says "You are not enough." I am here to tell each and every person that reads this, YOU ARE ENOUGH. It is hard to believe, but if you look around who you hang out with or who you love dearly to them you are everything. You do not have to show them anything at all and yet you are still enough for them.

My shirt is from After Midnight Fashion. It is the Hayden Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is a crop top with 4 different texture HUD choices. Each HUD has 6 different textures and all are rigged for different mesh bodies. 

My pants are from Blueberry and are the Julia Leggings. These leggings come rigged in multiple mesh body sizes and have so many color choices.

My shoes are from ZFG and are the Ridley boots in plaid. These boots come rigged for multiple mesh feet and has a HUD to change the colors.

Serendipity made this pose. It is a part of the Clementine set and is #4 mirrored. It is  bento pose so your hands will set themselves to the open hand but you can use a hand poser to adjust to your liking.
Serendipity Poses

{Limerence} made my hair. The hair is called Dinara and is a messy longer hair. I bought it in the B&W pack and used the hair tint to achieve the pretty dark purple-pink hue.

My background is apart of the VIP gift from Foxcity. This is the You Are Enough photo booth. The group fee to join Foxcity is 550L but you get a bunch of past gifts plus new gifts and 5% credit each time you buy a pose or backdrop.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019


The objects in this scene are as following:

[The Abandoned] Old Scene 15LI
(This scene does come in both adult and PG with many poses)

Buck Thorn {4 Seasons} 2LI
Wild Sassafras.v2 {4 Seasons} 2LI
Wild Grass {Dry} 1LI

Red Fox Burrow 16LI
Raccoon Stump 13LI
Fallow Fawn Static Stroll 8LI
Fallow Fawn Static Graze 6LI
Fallow Fawn Static Laying 4LI
Chipmunk Collection :: Fidgeter 6LI
Chipmunk Collection :: Fallen Log Home 2LI
Nightingale Bird 2LI

Random Items on Marketplace
M&M White Rabbit 1LI
UGh The Crow

Monday, November 04, 2019

Wanting To Go Out

Ya'll I got another amazing sponsor. This one is called The Gothic Unicorn or ~TGU~. It is both cute and gothic feeling. So lets take a look at this dress. Now it says it is a Halloween dress but honestly I could wear anytime. This one was inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas so it features Jack Skellington, Sally, and Zero with roses of love. The shoes are also apart of the set and remind me of witch shoes but even cuter since they are heels. Now both the dress and heels are rigged for multiple mesh bodies including Maitreya. This was a group gift in October so I am crossing fingers it'll be back so ya'll can get it again.

My collar is from AvaGirl and is the Diamond Ring Collar. I love this collar because you can wear it with RLV or non-scripted. It comes with a texture HUD so you can mix and match the collar to match your outfit.

My hair is from Wasabi// and is the Willow Mesh Hair.

My chest piercings are from :Diamante: and is the Ursa Piercings.

My scene is from FoxCity and is the photo booth Escape. It comes with light and non-lighted versions. Both if you click you can control the rain that is on the outside of the window. My pose is also from FoxCity. It is apart of the Cutie Pie set and is the 5th pose.

Speakeasy made my tattoo. This one is the Princess Tattoo. It is a full body tattoo that is all things girly and princess. It comes with appliers for Omega, Belleza, Legacy, and Signature.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Spooky Forest

Trick or Treat Tree 10LI
Jack-o-Kitty 1LI

Little Branch
Wild Grass 1LI
Honey Mesquite 2LI

[Dance with Skeletons] Halloween Scene H11 13LI
[Jack Buhhh] Halloween Decors H10 7LI
[The Black Cats] Old Nature Scene AG16 14LI
Dog with kittens 5LI
Skeleton Wheelbarrow 3LI RARE
Cats in pumpkin with crow 5LI
Punkinator Nankin 6LI
Marceline Dining Chair & Table 8LI

Tentacle Tea 6LI

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Last of Summer Fun

My crop top and shoes are from Star Sugar. Both are made for Maitreya bodies and feet. The crop top is called Fun Crops and comes in so many choices. I love the "I Put On Pants Today" as I am known to forget my pants. The shoes are called Catch Me Kicks and what is so awesome about them is you can customize them with so many color choices. 

My backpack is from After Midnight Fashion and is apart of the Fallen Angel Backpack set. This one is the sugar skulls and comes unrigged. That means you can adjust the backpack to fit almost any size avatar you may own.
After Midnight Fashion

My chest piercing and ice cream are from Diamante. The piercing is a rigged mesh piercing that is rigged for Maitreya bodies. It is called Ursa Mesh Piercings. It comes with a color HUD to customize the piercings and also has a show/hide button. I am hiding the hip piercings as they did not show with the pants on. My ice cream is apart of the Delisioco Cone Gacha and is the Cotton Candy Blast. There are many flavors to win including a rare unicorn blast ice cream that glows.

My pants are the Blueberry - DWL Jeans - Classic Skinny Jeans for Maitreya.

I got a new skin from Essences. This is a group gift called Dakota and is in the skin choice #E5. This skin is only for Genus heads, but if you own a Genus I would highly recommend checking out Essences. The group is free to join as I write this and offers 3 different skins for different head types. You can get the body appliers for only 1L and it is like getting a makeover for 1L.

My nails are from N.Kolour and are apart of the Glass Sphere set. Each nail set comes with appliers for Omega, Maitreya, and Belleza. There are 6 fingers and 6 toes to choose from so you can mix and match your nails.

My hair is from theMARS and is the Hair Roux. I opted for the bob cut as it is super stylish and cute. theMARS does offer many amazing hair styles and for an affordable price. All come with an amazing color HUD plus a tint HUD so you can create the hair of your dreams.

Speakeasy made my tattoo. This one is the Princess Tattoo. It is a full body tattoo that is all things girly and princess. It comes with appliers for Omega, Belleza, Legacy, and Signature.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Friday, September 27, 2019

Popscicle Fun

In case ya'll missed my last post I want ya'll to know I am totally in support of Doctors Without Borders and S.O.S (Spoon Of Sugar) Festival. This festival is so amazing and only lasts from September 14th, 2019 until September 29th, 2019. That means this is the last few days. *squeals* So if you have not made it there well you are missing out, because it features 5 amazing sims that has stores, auctions, live performers, and more. Everything supports all the amazing doctors that risk everything to help those that are in need. It truly is hard to believe so many are in need but with these doctors they can get help.

My dress is from ! SALTY ! and is the Emma Dress in Teal. This dress is rigged for multiple mesh bodies and comes in 5 different color choices. ! SALTY ! is donating proceeds to help the doctors.

My hair is from .EscalateD. Hair and is the Vivian V1. It does come with a 2nd version too and a HUD to color not just the main hair but the braids too. Version 2 is a split version and twice as amazing. This hair is the exclusive and is 100% donated with each sale.

My earrings are from Bliensen + MaiTai and are the Lamiya earrings in silver. These earrings are unrigged so you can move them where you may need them. They also come in 4 color options.

[HJ] has brought amazing bracelet and necklace that is unrigged to the festival. This set is called The Savannah. Each piece is unrigged so you can move them to fit or resize them. They also come in 3 different metal types.

My nails and background are from Cazimi. The nails are a 10L gift with 100% proceeds to the festival. These nails are called Cutie Popsicle and comes with appliers for nails that you can make 1 solid color or all 5 colors plus a popsicle that you can hold or rezz out.

My eyes are from ND/MD and are the Ana Eyes. They are mesh eyes that comes with appliers and system. I love that I can wear different eyes, so 1 of my eyes is green and 1 is blue.

The dark skin, which I love because it reminds me so much of Kenya, is from Dulce Secrets. It is the Noor Skin and comes with appliers for a few different bodies including Omega. They are selling this skin in both female and male versions.