Monday, April 22, 2019

Blaire Love

My dress is from AvaGirl and is called Blaire. Blaire is a tube top dress with a Bolero, which is like a crop jacket with a high neck piece. It comes with romper stomper boots that I find match the whole look perfectly. The dress comes with a color HUD with 10 color choices. Everything is rigged for multiple mesh bodies. All this is at The Darkness Monthly Event that runs until April 28th, 2019.

My nail pose is from Image Essentials and is called Nail Showcase V1. Now ya'll seen v2 in a previous post, this one is bottles of nail polish that is bento rigged so you hold them in your hands to show off your amazing manicure.

My nails and eyeshadow are apart of Cazimi's Yuni line. The line includes nails made for multiple mesh bodies and Omega, eyeshadow that is also for a couple mesh heads and Omega, a shape that was made using Letuka Piper, and brows that are also for a few mesh heads and Omega. All this is available at UniK that runs until April 28th, 2019.

Now the unicorn cover that I am showing is actually smart to own. It is a C-String that covers the front and a piece of the back side so when you sit in a dress no one sees anything private and can be worn in place of panties as most glitch through dresses and skirts. This unicorn cover comes from MOoh! and has a color HUD with 8 different unicorn color combos. The unicorns remind me of a My Little Pony unicorn. You can find these covers for a discounted price at Driftwood until May 5th, 2019.
MOoH! and Driftwood

My full outfit pose is from Foxcity and is apart of the Cutiepie set of poses. I love it because it looks like I am pushing off the wall with a foot kicked out.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Circus Falon

** These pics were the last of my edited pics. They are too amazing to hide though. **
My outfit is a sexy falcon costume from AvaGirl. This outfit is made for multiple mesh bodies and it includes thigh high boots, a dagger attached to your leg, wrist and upper arm bands, feather top that you can move into place, bento wings in a couple sizes that have a HUD to control them, a collar, cupless body suit, and a crown.

The pose I used is from Image Essentials. This pose is a marionette style pose with 5 bento poses, all connected with chains and are modifiable so you can move them into place. All this is included with the creepy awesome clown prop.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Halloween In April

This scene was created using multiple mesh items from multiple amazing stores.

My toy soldiers and cob webs were from Medieval Fantasy. I just recolored the cobwebs red for a bloody look.

The chairs my skeleton and toy soldier are sitting on, plus the table with all the décor items are from Refuge. The chairs are called Mayza May and include 8 animations along with a light version. Now the crystal skulls are also a set that comes with 4 different color skulls. All the décor on the table and under besides the skulls are a gacha called Salem. It not only includes the candles and the pumpkins but also the wall art. Now the tapestries are also sold by Refuge and all of these items are available at the main store.

My skeleton I got off marketplace and is full perm. It comes with 10 different skeletons and texture maps.

Now the mystery mouse on the floor, honestly I do not know how I came about him but I just think he is adorable. 

As for the skull lighting, I used Lumipro's Gobo called Skull to achieve that.

Fancy A Carrot

My outfit is from Candy Kitten and is called Hot Bunny. It is a pink sexy bunny outfit you can wear even after Easter. It comes with a skirt, tank top, heels with stockings, and bunny ears Not included in my pic but is included in the set is a carrot munchy for your mouth and a bunny purse. The outfit is rigged for multiple mesh bodies.

My pose is from Something New and is an Easter pose called Want A Carrot. It is a singles pose with the carrot crate prop and a holdable carrot and grass around the crate. I love carrots so this is my favorite pose.

My trees and flowers are from Two Moon Gardens and was a gift. The grass does sway even if it don't show in my pic.

The eggs I found on Marketplace from multiple stores.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Bunny Love

My dress is from [Cowgirl Up]. It is a short dress that reminds me alot of lingerie with matching panties. Now this dress does come in 18 different colors so you have so many color options. This dress is named Bibi, which to me screams clubbing but that is just me.

My scene is from \FTWB/. It is perfect for Easter or anyone that loves bunnies. It is called Keya Bunny Vanity and comes with a vanity, hand mirror you can hold, a plant, a deco cup, and a chair. All mesh. The chair comes with 2 poses. The purse is also from \FTWB/ and is called Greely Bunneh Bag. It is a bunny purse with a face that has movement and comes in 6 different styles.

My nails are from {ZOZ} and are at Cosmopolitan. These nails are perfect for Spring and are called Butterfly V2. They come in multiple appliers each sold separate and are 50% of during the event. The event ends April 20th, 2019.

My pose is apart of Foxcity's Lounge poses. My nail closeup is also Foxcity and is the Cutiepie set.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


The prop I am using is from Image Essentials. It is apart of the Darkside Fair by Evil Bunny Productions and runs until April 30th, 2019. The prop is called Dark Gateway. I added grass from Little Branch's wild grass fatpack and ash trees from Jian. The red glowing eyes I made to show the monster within.

My dress is apart of the Darkness Monthly Event that runs until April 28th, 2019 and is from La Bella Boutique. The dress is called Glinda. It comes with the dress and shoes to match each having a 14 color HUD. It is material enabled to give that shiny look and comes rigged for multiple mesh bodies.

My pose is from Something New and is the evil egg for the Evil Bunny Hunt that runs until April 30th, 2019. This pose is called Smokin' Seductress and comes with a pose ball to rezz out or a pose that you can use anywhere you are not aloud to rezz at. It comes with a Chinese dragon for your shoulders and smoke in both hands. The hint for this is; Find me between his "Voodoo Magic " that led to a "Web of Love' becoming lies!

My hair is an old hair I had in my inventory from Liquidmoon Hair and is called Lara. It was a Hair Fair gift from 2016.

Monday, April 08, 2019

Loving Life

My outfit is from MOoh and is called Juliet. It is a lace cardigan with a knotted tank top and a pair of distressed shorts. The shorts and top are sold separate as well and each has a color HUD to mix and match to your liking. It also comes rigged for multiple mesh bodies. This outfit is exclusive to the Hipster Fair that is running until April 12th, 2019 and is 40% off only at the event.

My nails are from Cazimi and are the Fig nails that are exclusive to Designer Showcase until April 28th, 2019 and than they will be in the store. The nails come with Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Omega appliers and has a color HUD with 5 shiny and 5 matte colors.

Both my poses are from Image Essentials. The first pose is called Tambourine and has 5 different poses with a tambourine prop. The prop ribbons colors are change able to 1 of 4 different colors. The second pose is called Nail Showcase V2 and includes a custom mesh cup. You are able to change the cups colors by clicking it. Both poses are Bento so they will pose your hands for you.

The tattoo that I am wearing in both my pics is from La Bella Boutique. It is a gacha item that is apart of Gacha Life. Gacha Life runs until April 30th, 2019 and is apart of Evil Bunny Productions. The tattoo I am wearing is the rare item but there are also 9 common tattoos to win along with an ultra rare fatpack.
{LBB} and Gacha Life

For the flower prop information please refer to here.