Monday, March 14, 2016

Noble Creations

Noble Creations @ WE <3 RP

So tonight I decided to show ya'll some amazing home items from Noble Creations. There is a lot in the pics since I decorated the whole hut with Noble Creation items. 1st up is the Jungle Hut. It is exclusive at the I <3 RP event that is running March 4th 2016 through March 29th, 2016. The stove is also featured at the event, but is not scripted to cook. The curtains I am using has a color HUD so they can be 1 of 4 colors. I chose red since it matched the gold tub I was using. The tub does come in silver also and includes a water jug. Hanging on the ceiling is torch chandeliers that are medieval style so yes you have to light the candles to turn them on (they do come with wall torches too for more lighting) hehe and when you wanna write about your day I am showing the amazingly detailed Krampus desk with stool. I added the old bookcase so I have books to read and before I go to sleep I can look in the floor mirror with swards hanging above it. I told ya'll there is a lot in this post hehehe

Hut: [NC] - The Jungle Hut @ WE <3 RP (Price 499L)
Curtains: [NC] - Classic Curtains (Price 250L)
Bathtub: [NC] - Sacred Bathtub GOLD (Price 689L)
Stove: [NC] - Ye Olde Medieval SET W/O Cooking System @ WE <3 RP (Price 449L)
Desk: [NC] - Krampus Dark Desk (Price 549L)
Bookcase: [NC] - Old Bookcase
Mirror: [NC] - Floor Wood Mirror
Wall Decorations: [NC] - Simple Swords Wall (Price 189L)
Lights: [NC] - Rude Medieval Chandelier (Price 249L)
Misc. Decorations: [NC] - Water vase (Included with the Sacred Bathtub)