Friday, March 15, 2019

Wanna Play With Me

My barely there body suit is from ZFG. It is called Acrobat and is apart of Evil Bunny Productions Twe12ve event that runs until March 31st, 2019.
ZFG and Twe12ve

The pillows are from Razzles. They are apart of the event 7Sins that is put on by All Things Event. The event opens from March 15th, 2019 until April 5th, 2019.
Razzles and All Things Event

My hair is from no.match and is a VIP gift. For more information on VIP for no.match check out my previous post.

My makeup is all from Cazimi. The lipstick and nail polish is the Ultimatte pallette. These are exclusive to Designer Circle that runs until March 16th, 2019, but will be in store shortly after.
Cazimi and Designer Circle

My poses are from Something New and Foxcity. The Something New pose is apart of the hunt All About Superheroes. The pose is a Harley Quinn pose that has a gun. It does have a Bento hold so you will need to be ready for that. The hint is: Her super powers were to be INVISIBLE. The close up pose is from Foxcity and is apart of the Spotlight pose set. This is a mirror of a previous pose I used.
Something New and Foxcity