Thursday, April 18, 2019

Halloween In April

This scene was created using multiple mesh items from multiple amazing stores.

My toy soldiers and cob webs were from Medieval Fantasy. I just recolored the cobwebs red for a bloody look.

The chairs my skeleton and toy soldier are sitting on, plus the table with all the décor items are from Refuge. The chairs are called Mayza May and include 8 animations along with a light version. Now the crystal skulls are also a set that comes with 4 different color skulls. All the décor on the table and under besides the skulls are a gacha called Salem. It not only includes the candles and the pumpkins but also the wall art. Now the tapestries are also sold by Refuge and all of these items are available at the main store.

My skeleton I got off marketplace and is full perm. It comes with 10 different skeletons and texture maps.

Now the mystery mouse on the floor, honestly I do not know how I came about him but I just think he is adorable. 

As for the skull lighting, I used Lumipro's Gobo called Skull to achieve that.