Thursday, May 02, 2019

Garden Of Music

My dress is from MOoH! It is a Y style dress that comes in multiple mesh body sizes and a HUD to make it one of 6 different colors. It is called Bailey. The garden music d├ęcor are gacha items (minus the foliage and butterflies) from MOoH! as well. There are multiple items to win along with rares. I love that each item looks like the garden overgrew and claimed it as apart of the garden.

My thigh high boots are from Maci. The boots are called Bella and they are made for multiple mesh bodies and comes with a color HUD to mix and match the boots to match any outfit you wear them with. I love that it is material enabled but with a softness still to not look fake.

My trees, grass, and tulips are from Little Branch. All the foliage is mesh and the trees are season changing. The trees I am using are Moon Flower Shade and Maple Tree 4. The grass comes in multiple colors, while the tulips are only that color but are animated with a soft wind.
Little Branch

My pose is from Something New. It is called Duet and is a couples pose to make you feel like a rock star. It comes with a mic and a guitar. While it is made for a male and a female avatar I was able to make it fit my female avatar with a little moving. This pose is bento so your hands will pose automatically.
Something New

The butterfly cages I got from *RnB* and are color changing. They come with 2 options floating or on a pole. I love that I can mix and match the butterflies in the cage to any scene I am using.

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