Friday, June 07, 2019

Street Party

My top and shorts are from MOoh! The top is called Basics Sandra Top. It is an off shoulder tank top and rigged for multiple mesh bodies. It also comes with a color HUD with multiple colors. The shorts are called Karlie Shorts and are an amazing pair of shorts with a corset side. It is also rigged for multiple mesh bodies and comes with a HUD to change the shorts and the strings separately.

My scene is made using Image Essentials prop and pose along with a backdrop. The backdrop is called Brownstone and is 100% mesh. It is only 14prims so you can link as many or as few as you need without using a bunch of prims. The prop and pose I used is the fire hydrant from Inner City Splash Party. It is both group poses and singles with many options to choose from. The hydrant is mesh and has water particles so you will need particles on to see the water.

The other pose I am using is the June group gift for Something New. The group is free to join and entitles you to group gifts along with information about new releases and event items. This pose is a couples pose and is bento so you will pose hands on your own. It is called Always Have Your Back and is mod for those shorter avatars.

My nails are from Cazimi and are apart of the Designer Showcase that opened on June 5th, 2019. The nails are apart of the Birdsong pack and comes in 4 different colors that have a bright and pastel option. They are made for Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.

My shoes are from Maci and are Anita Heels. The heels come with a color HUD to change up the colors and are rigged for high feet for the following bodies; Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.

All my other décor and items are as listed:

The trees are from Little Branch and are the Shingle Oak.V2.1. They do season change so you just click and pick a season that you please

My people on the sidewalk and stoop is from TingelTangel KrimsKram. Each mesh person is 1 to 2 prims each so you can fill a whole town with them and not use a lot of prims.

The trach can is from Urban Spirit and was actually in the freebie area. It is a mesh can that comes with 2 versions. First is a full can with the lid off and the other is pictured with the lid on. The lid on is 6 prims so you can again add as few or as many as need and not use up too much prims.

My shape is from Facet Originals and was made for the Genus Baby head. The shape is called Scarlet and is mod for those people like me that use a different head you can edit to look not so smooshed in. I run into that issue a lot with different shapes for different heads and some are not modifiable so I am stuck with the smooshed look. I love Facet Originals' owner because she is different from most and makes it mod.

My facial piercings are from [GA.EG] and are the barbell piercings. These ones are specifically made for the Barbara Bento head that I am wearing. It comes with a HUD that you can add as many or as few piercings as you like along with being able to change the coloring.

For information on my skin, rings, tattoo, and body please refer to here.

My hair is from Fabia and is a 1L hair off Marketplace called Lilak. It is a mesh hair and comes with all colors Fabia has to offer.

The hand pose I use for the closeup is from Foxcity and is in the Spotlight pack. I am using the 2nd pose mirrored.

For information on what Morri is wearing please refer to her blog here.