Saturday, August 31, 2013

Room69 zentro Key2Heart


Room 69

Now I don't say this alot because I don't usually wear tattoos, but I have truely came across the best tattoo quality I have ever seen. This tattoo is made by Zentro and it does not fail in the detail. This one is called Key To Your Heart. It is 2 sleeve tattoos that I can not begin to describe. It has so much amazing work going on in it that it makes you go WOW!. It is full color and the most interesting design in it is the snake that goes down have the length or your middle finger. The chest has a heart with wings and purple roses and in the center of your heart is a key hole. It has a skull band up the upper arm and the coolest designs ever. I'll just let the pictures show you.  

Tattoo: [ZENTRO] Key to my heart tattoo (found at Room 69)
Skin: -POUDRE- [Nikki] - T - Limited Edition
Shape: >> Zyra << Katia Shape