Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bad Fox Sleeping with the Sharks

Bad Fox Designs

Your swimming in the ocean and you look over and see a shadow. Do you run? Do you scream? or Do you stay there fascinated to see what that shadow is? Have no fear even if that shadow turns out to be a viscous man eating shark this outfit from Bad Fox Designs won't leave you a bloody mess. This outfit is called Sleeping with the Sharks. It is a camisole and panties with a pet shark for your shoulder. It comes with shark teeth earrings and a shark jaw necklace. If that wasn't enough you getsleep with the sharks too. Now that in it's own is guaranteed to make any shark lover happy and any shark hater scream.


Outfit: Bad Fox Designs Sleeping with the Sharks
Skin: [:ME:] Nixie Suntan Skintone
Makeup: [:ME] Nixie's Cosmetics Collection
Hair: A&A Jeanelle Hair Fire
Eyes: NoirOptix - Silver Eyes