Monday, September 01, 2014

Alys Shop Darleen

Aly's Shop

Sitting on the farm today I realized I needed clothing for the hoedown. All I packed was jeans and t-shirts. Than I remembered seeing in the paper that Aly's Shop was having a promo going on and only until Friday. So I hoped in my '65 Ford (its a clunker of a tank) and I headed to town. I pulled up to the store and to my shock I seen the cutest western wear in the window. It's a dress that is laced in the front. It was in a brown and gold wood print so dirt won't be seen on it. (But it also came in 2 other colors Water and Pink.) It came with the cutest western boots and a cowboy hat. Than as I looked at the price tag I couldn't believe it. It only costs 50L. I had to buy to.
Outfit: *Aly's Shop* - Darleen Outfit Wood
Shape: >> Zyra << Katia Shape
Skin: [:ME:] Nixie Suntan Skintone
Hair: A&A  Reeva [6]
Eyes: Az... Promo Blue