Tuesday, September 09, 2014

SabraStyle Rayna

Sabra Style

With Room69 and A&A

As you can tell from the last post and by the posts to follow, Sabra Style, is not a store to pass up. This outfit is not any different and does not lack in cuteness. This outfit is called Rayna. It is a the comfiest pants paired with a cardigan style sweater and even though it is tube top style it does not stray from the professional feel. It is available in 5 different colors (blue, coral, lavender, green, yellow). Now I paired this with a few Room69 items and Ally & Ali hair. The Room69 items that I used were a shape by :.Total Havoc::. respectfully named Isla. The shape is modifiable, but personally I don't think it needs modifying at all. I also added ~Oceane~ make-up that is called Gems. This is a 50's inspired make-up line with smoky eyes and bold lips and eye shadow and as you can tell does not disappoint. It comes in 11 different colors (amethyst, citrine blush, onyx blush, onyx non-blush, lapis lazuli, peridot, rose, ruby, silver, tiger eye, and turkoois) and you may buy either full make-up, just lips, or just eyes. I used the full make-up in this post. Now remember the shape and make-up are only available till Sept. 20th 2014 at Room69 Now after that mouthful I have one more thing to tell you about. I added Ally & Ali's beautiful long hair called Lithia. This hair comes in many colors and has added surprise when you click it.
Outfit: Sabra Style - Rayna
Shape: :.Total Havoc ::.Isla Shape @ Room69
Skin: [:ME:] Nixie Suntan Skintone
Hair: A&A - Lithia
Eyes: Az... Promo Blue Ice
Make-up: ~Oceane~ GEMS @ Room69
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Flat Female Feet