Friday, April 01, 2022

Quiet Time

It is rare but sometimes you catch all your animals napping at the same time. That is when it is best to snap a picture for evidence.

(Only Your Imagination!)
*I have found this store on accident and let me tell you, I fell inlove with it. A huge majority of the decor items are original mesh pieces, while the other items are original Roleplaying accessories and makeup. The group is free to join (as of this post) and gets you so many benefits from 1 of a kind group gifts to a scaling tier for up to 50% off vendors. If you haven't been I would greatly suggest checking out this store.*  
Hive Wall
*This amazing honeycomb wall panels and an original mesh that is materials enabled. It includes the main panels with candles and middle panels to make the wall longer. This wall comes in 6 amazing wood colors and comes with a solid or backless backing. You can find this at The Narrative Event that opens April 1st, 2022 and closes April 21st, 2022. After the event you may find this in the main store.*

Solarium Table
*This table is an original mesh creation that is materials enabled. It is a glass top table with 2 metal bars underneath for baskets or nick-nacks.*

Hive Lamp
*This floor lamp is 6 different height honeycomb shape pillars with a brass bottom. It comes in 6 amazing wood colors and matches the Hive Wall perfectly. They are original mesh creations with materials enabled.*

Brooklyn Armchair
*This amazing chair is an orangish-brown color, which matches the whole Brooklyn set. It has 17 flawless single poses in it and reminds me of a retro chair.*

Brooklyn Sofa
*This sofa matches the amazing chair and comes with 15 amazing poses. This couch can sit 3 people on it with each in a different pose.*

Brooklyn Chest of Drawers & Chiffonnier
**This set includes with the chest drawers and the chiffonnier (which I found out is a half chest hehe).**

Brooklyn Sideboard
**Here is another item from the Brooklyn set. This is a sideboard so think of it as a catch all table. This is perfect for any hallway you might be decorating and it perfect for all your knick knacks you may own.**

Wine Cork Heart Decor
*This mesh heart is made out of wine corks and hangson the wall. It is perfect for any room you may need this amazing heart in.*

Image Essentials
Full Perm Mesh Cat - Sleeping
*These full perm cats are no longer available as Kay Weston shut her store down because of SL bullies. We hope to see her back but for now I use her products as a reminder what an amazing lady and creator she was.*

Wall-Mounted Betta Tank
*This betta tank is an original Jian creation. It is an empty tank that has running water. When clicked you get the option of 1 of 5 different bettas. You can choose you many you want to spawn in your tank, and don't worry these bettas don't fight each other.*

Classic German Shepherds Decor
*These German Shepards are posed in a decorative manner and comes with 7 different options. The sleeping one comes in adult and a puppy version. Each German Shepard when clicked can be named and the fur color changed to 1 of 4 different Shepard colors.*

"Game NerdZ" Retro Leafy Planter

Menagerie Planter B4 - owl

Menagerie Planter C1 - turtle

Menagerie Planter A2 - giraffe

Wrinkled Round Boho Rug
*This amazing rug comes in 10 different shades when clicked. It is a mesh rug so resizing will change the LI, and it does feature a wrinkle that looks like some could trip on it. To me the wrinkle is perfect as I don't like tidy rugs hehe. The pattern reminds me of a boho chic kinda feel, but can be used with many themes.*

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