Thursday, June 23, 2022

Skating Dreams

My dream is to be an Olympic skating queen, but I shall dream another day.

Cute Outfit
*My cute top is actually a dress. It comes rigged for a few mesh bodies and comes in pink and a grey textured pattern. I love this dress is very versatile in all ways. It also comes with panda or piggie BOM (baked on mesh) socks and for the EvoX heads it offers a natural blush and piggy and panda band aids for your nose.*


Rollers Kawaii
*These super cute skates come in pink and violet. Each pair has a version 1 and a version 2. I am showing ya'll pink version 2. The version 1 is a solid skate while as you can tell version 2 has the thick strips. These skates are rigged for a few mesh bodies and have a built-in skate animation. They work with any skate HUD you have as well.*

Dassy V2

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