Sunday, August 04, 2013

Dirty Pop! Random

Dirty Pop!

I have officially found the cutest outfit to just run around in. This outfit is called Random and let me tell you it is far from random. The outfit is complete with dj headphones on your hip, drumsticks on your back side, the cutest pants and tshirt combo ever. With sneakers that makes you feel like one of the band and did I mention the sunglasses in your hair and that is not also has 2 sets (yes 2 sets) of bracelets on each wrist and 2 belts. 1 belt is a studded belt and other is a piano with cassette (yes old 80's cassette) tape. It all comes together to make this the cutest outfit. It has Lola Appliers if you have the Tango Lolas.

Outfit:  .::Dirty POP!::. Random - Pink
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Daisy Skin
Hair: "LoQ Hair" BerryJuice Right Side - Jet Black
Shape: >> Zyra << Katia Shape
Eyes: Az... Promo Blue Ice