Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LacrimeDellAnime March Alchemy Event

Lacrime dell'Anime Store @ The Alchemy Event

I have so many fashion posts that when I get home décor I can never wait to show ya'll. This is no exception. It is from Lacrime dell'Anime Store. The items I am showing is for the gacha that is out, but I am not showing it all only a few pieces. First is a bird cage. Instead of a bird you get a tower box. Which I found really cute. The second is a couch. It has multiple poses including couple poses and yes a few naughty poses too hehehe. The ottoman is the third item. Now that I did not test and I know I should've so ya'll know what it has but I like to let ya'll find out somethings. The table is a big item. Now that comes with 6 chairs and a candle in the center. The 2 cages have macaroons for your snacking benefits. The chairs do have 6 poses in them that I found awesome. Each try is 50L so good luck! and each item has a few different variations so I am only showing you 1 style. Now you can only get these 4 amazing items from the March Alchemy Event. It runs from March 1st until March 20th. After that I am not sure if it will be in the store.