Friday, August 10, 2018

Library Time


So today I decided to find somewhere really quiet to read. While I was looking I wanted to show ya'll the amazing outfit I put on.
Let me start with the outfit. It is from JellyRoll and is actually a group gift. The group is 5L at time of posting. This outfit is called, Empire Records. It is plaid skirt with a belly sweater. It is rigged for multiple mesh bodies including Maitreya and can be worn separate.
My hair is also from JellyRoll. It is rigged mesh that comes with an attachment flower. The flower comes with a color changing HUD. I am wearing it in red and did I mention it is called Alice. My shoes and knee high socks are also JellyRoll. They are called Love Me Mary Jane. They are, you guessed it, Mary Jane style buckle shoes with knee high socks. You have 4 color choices in the HUD including the black choice for the shoes and 9 textures/color HUD for the socks including the white I am wearing. The socks and shoes are rigged for multiple mesh bodies including Maitreya.

Outfit: JellyRoll - Empire Records Group Gift (Group price 5L one time fee.)
Shoes: JellyRoll - Love Me Mary Jane (Price: 199L)
Hair: JellyRoll - Alice Hair - Reds (Price: 199L)
Skin: (*ANGELICA) SUZY :honeypink (VIP Group Gift; VIP Group Price: 300L; Sadly store closed inworld)
Shape: ::: IMPERIAL ::: Tanq Teen Shape for Maitreya (Price: 385L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (Price: 2750L - Black bra is the Maitreya HUD)
Jewelry: Candy Crunchers - Mermaid Rings (Price: 200L)
Candy Crunchers - Carra Face Piercing (Price: 150L)
(AMD) Broken Glasses (Gift at Apple May Designs)
Lighting: Firestorm Windlight - Bree's Appleblossom

-Sorumin- Cute bag -Gift- (Free with group tag. Group price is 0L at time of posting)
-Sorumin- Gift -Notebook- (Free with group tag. Group price is 0L at time of posting)

Skybox Library Furnished (Price: 2500L)

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