Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fancy A Carrot

My outfit is from Candy Kitten and is called Hot Bunny. It is a pink sexy bunny outfit you can wear even after Easter. It comes with a skirt, tank top, heels with stockings, and bunny ears Not included in my pic but is included in the set is a carrot munchy for your mouth and a bunny purse. The outfit is rigged for multiple mesh bodies.

My pose is from Something New and is an Easter pose called Want A Carrot. It is a singles pose with the carrot crate prop and a holdable carrot and grass around the crate. I love carrots so this is my favorite pose.

My trees and flowers are from Two Moon Gardens and was a gift. The grass does sway even if it don't show in my pic.

The eggs I found on Marketplace from multiple stores.