Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Paint Mess or Creativity

Some call it a mess, but I call my art room a creative process. 
*Now I have not shown ya'll this amazing store in so long but when I say I am so excited to show ya'll everything I mean it. The Reckless Angel is a decor store that specializes in wall items and well all kinda items really that are perfect to decorate a room. As the creator Savannah would say "We create quality home and garden decor. We go for low impact items." That can only mean the items from The Reckless Angel are going to be low LI and high quality.*

Destiny Collection
*This collection includes the following items and is sold separately or as a fatpack:*
Writing Table
Half Table
Catch-All Table
Small Round Table
Small Side Table
Tall Dresser
Wall Shelf
Wide Dresser

Sweet Sentiment
*These picture frames are sold as singles or in a fatpack with all 7 amazing pictures. They are so pretty you can't help admiring them in any room you place them.*

Love Mandala Wall Decal
*This wall decal is black and in the mandala styling. It has the word love throughout it and is truly stunning.*

Oops! Finger Painting
*This set includes a floor mess, 2 styles of foot trails, 3 styles of handprints, 3 styles of footprints, 4 paintings, and 3 color changing paint plates.*

Paint Prank Kit
*This kit includes paint splats, hand prints, 4 paint cans and paint dripping with hand prints.*

Vintage Shabby Rectangle Rug
*This rug I have to admit is one of my favorite rugs out there. It comes with 10 different vintage texture choices and is low LI. It is slightly scrunched up but if you are untidy like me you love it even more.*

My canvas arts are from both [Free Bird] and [high v.]. The easels are from marketplace and honestly I don't think they are sold anymore. My other art supplies are from The Eclectic Art Supply Shop.

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