Saturday, February 19, 2022

My Pet Iguanas

You freshen up the cage and food, and give noses little lizard boops. The iguanas will be very happy now!
That is right ya'll, I went into a pet store and returned with not 1 but 7 amazing iguanas. Incase ya'll are wondering yes I got banned from the pet stores, not sorry!
These iguanas are a part of the My Pet interactive series from [ free bird ]. The official release date for them is Feb 20th, 2022. So now for the interesting information about these beauties. The My Pet Iguana System is fully-customizable and interactive, bringing the joys of pet care into your Second Life! And the best part - Food and Water are FREE! Each Iguana Cage holds up to 3 Iguanas AND an optional Cage Plant that will grow over time, filling your cage with ivy that comes in red, blue, or green and creating a living showpiece for your home. Iguanas will be on display at the [ free bird ] sim starting 2/16! That means before you buy you can check out these amazing creatures in person.

Cat Stool Planter 
*These planters come in 2 different versions a fern and a snake plant. When you click them you get the option to change the plant and to change the color of the planter. That means you get to customize your stool planters. Best part is you don't need to water these plants.*

Round Rug Sunset
*These rugs come in 5 different textures. All you have to do is click them to get the amazing textures. I will be showing off each set as I get them, but this is the sunset set and each color you can find in a sunset all the way to dark. These are mesh rugs so resizing them will change their prim count.*

Wall Plater
*These planters are for the wall and come in 3 different styles. Each one features a rock terrarium with a different plant in each one.* 

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